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 An expensive deck of cards.  Some rugged and water resistant Bluetooth speakers Archeer sent us.
 Going to put these claims to the test...  No idea how, but the fingerprint scanner on my S7 got all scratched up... Took this photo with an S7 BTW.
 Newest video shows you an app that can turn your house into a light show with Philips Hue. Link in the bio! #philipshue  Drop tests coming soon!
 Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.  Old school virtual reality. #vr #virtualreality
 Cool cables make us happy.  There are so many reasons why flip phones are better than smartphones. Our latest video covers the top 10. Link in our bio!
 New look, new drop.  Thug life.
 Tesla charging stations at the mall. Dope.
 Which phone do you think we took this photo with? Hint: it's in the photo.
 So many cables running under the floor.
 It was raining, we saw a vivid rainbow, and we had water resistant phones. #galaxys7
 Really liking these headphones @ModernPortable sent us. Comfortable, easy to use, and makes listening to music that much better. Oh yeah, did we mention they're only $60 on Amazon? ;)
 Work break.