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 FYI: iOS 10 is now available!  Cool cables make us happy.
 This is the iBlazr 2, a wireless flash attachment that works natively with your phone's camera.  New look, new drop.
 It is amazing how much tech Samsung was able to pack into the Galaxy Note 7, despite the battery and the S-Pen taking up all that internal space.  Tesla charging stations at the mall. Dope.
 YouTube Space LA.  Which phone do you think we took this photo with? Hint: it's in the photo.
 Have two new episodes up on the channel.... link in my bio!  So many cables running under the floor.
 Finally got the official RAM management update for the OnePlus 3. Speed test coming soon!  It was raining, we saw a vivid rainbow, and we had water resistant phones. #galaxys7
 That dual lens on the Huawei P9 looks clean.
 Smartphone time-lapse made easy.
 An expensive deck of cards.
 Going to put these claims to the test...
 Newest video shows you an app that can turn your house into a light show with Philips Hue. Link in the bio! #philipshue
 Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.