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 One of my favorite features on my car is being able to turn it on from my smartphone. Especially when it's cold outside and you want it nice and warm when you get in!  The Daydream View is legit. Comfortable to wear and comes with a controller.
 One remote to replace them all? This is the Ray Super Remote, which the company claims is the "world's best universal remote". Will be testing that claim for sure.  Have never seen a speed limit so precise  - taken on Google Pixel XL
 The Mate 9 Pro is pretty impressive. Huawei wasn't kidding when they said this phone is fast.  OK Google!
 When accuracy is key. I make sure the phone isn't too hot when doing a speed test to prevent thermal throttling from affecting the results.  FYI: iOS 10 is now available!
 The Huawei Mate 9 Pro may be the first phone to really give the iPhone 7 Plus a run for its money. Speed test coming soon.  This is the iBlazr 2, a wireless flash attachment that works natively with your phone's camera.
 Exactly 10 years ago today, Apple introduced the world to the first ever iPhone. #apple #iphone  It is amazing how much tech Samsung was able to pack into the Galaxy Note 7, despite the battery and the S-Pen taking up all that internal space.
 The YouTube headquarters has these little nap areas all over the place where employees can get some sleep if they want. I'm jelly.  YouTube Space LA.
 I like taking the same photos over the years to see how smartphone cameras evolve. This one was taken with the Pixel XL.  Have two new episodes up on the channel.... link in my bio!
 Bored, and looking to kill some time? Check out this free clicker adventure game! #bestfiendsforever #ad
 Took this photo with the Galaxy S7 Edge. #galaxys7 #nofilter
 I think the socks are my favorite.
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