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The tag line pretty much sums it up. At PhoneBuff, you’ll find the latest news, reviews, and how tos on anything related to mobile technology. We provide exclusive content covering everything from the top smartphones and tablets to cool apps and accessories. We present this content in video form, always striving to make our videos both entertaining and informative.

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Meet the team behind PhoneBuff:

David Rahimi is the editor-in-chief at PhoneBuff.com. Ever since he got his first smartphone, he has been obsessed with mobile technology and all that it has to offer. Other interests include business, investing, and neuroscience.11 Articles

Jasmine Juan is an editor at PhoneBuff.com. She enjoys playing with all the latest and greatest in mobile technology. Other interests include watching TV and eating food.5 Articles

Jay Julio is an author at PhoneBuff. When he isn't writing, he's filming. When he isn't filming, he's boxing. Current phone is the iPhone 6.3 Articles

Yama Saidi is an author at PhoneBuff.com. He has been known to pull all nighters to beat a video game campaign. Maybe a little too often. Currently uses a Nexus 5x and loving it.1 Articles

Yousef Nawabi is an author at PhoneBuff.com. When he's not making music, he's playing with technology. Recent Android convert, currently rocking a Nexus 6.1 Articles