50 Siri Voice Commands


Since it was first unveiled by Apple in October of 2011, Siri has gotten better and better with each new update. However, it’sno longer alone at the top of the personal assistant mountain, with Google Now making some major strides lately. Nonetheless, Siri still remains the most popular voice assistant available, and it’s capable of doing a lot more than you think. Below, we go over 50 Siri voice commands.

Yeah, we know. That is a lot of different commands Siri can do. So for your convenience, we put together the written list below for you to refer back to.

  1. Make a reservation for [amount of people]at a [restaurant name or type]at [time].
  2. How many calories are in [food].
  3. What’s a [percent]tip on [amount]?
  4. What airplanes are flying over me right now?
  5. What are some [genre]movies out?
  6. Is the [move title]worth watching?
  7. Show me the [move title]trailer.
  8. Did the [sports team]win their last game?
  9. What’s the over under on the [sports team]game?
  10. When is the next time [player]plays against [another player]?
  11. Who’s taller, [person]or [another person]?
  12. What has [person or company]been tweeting about?
  13. Okay Glass.
  14. When is my appointment with [person].
  15. Call [contact].
  16. Move my [appointment time]to [another appointment time].
  17. Do I need an umbrella on [day of the week]?
  18. What’s the price of gas in [state or country]?
  19. What is [currency]in [another currency]?
  20. Add [item]to my [reminder list].
  21. Remind me to [what you want to be reminded of]on [date].
  22. Siri, I’m drunk!
  23. How many days until [date or holiday]?
  24. Post to Facebook, [your message].
  25. Turn off [setting].
  26. Do I have any new messages?
  27. Where is [Find My Friends contact]?
  28. Response to [contact], [your text message].
  29. Facetime [contact].
  30. Open [app or game].
  31. Show me pictures of [what you want to see].
  32. How long does a [animal]live?
  33. Who let the dogs out?!
  34. Play some music.
  35. How is [company’s] stock doing?
  36. Set a [amount of time]timer.
  37. When is my [contact’s] birthday?
  38. Learn how to pronounce [contact’s] name.
  39. Wake me up at [time]tomorrow morning.
  40. E-mail [e-mail address], [your message].
  41. What is Morse code for [word or phrase].
  42. Flip a coin!
  43. Get directions to the nearest [business name or type].
  44. Do I have any new voicemail?
  45. Repeat after me!
  46. Invert colors.
  47. Open [app or game]settings.
  48. Find e-mails from [contact or name].
  49. Turn off all my alarms.
  50. Siri, I’m tired of talking!

If you didn’t watch the video and are having trouble getting some of these commands to work for you, I’d suggest checking the video out for some examples. The list above is in the same order as the video so you can skip to the command you’re looking for. Have fun with Siri!


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