25+ Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Better Than Apple iPhone 5S


No matter what Samsung or Apple fan boys tell you, both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5S are great phones. And to tell you the truth, you can’t really go wrong with either. But the fact remains that one of these two flagship smartphones are better suited for you than the other. So in this series, we’ll be looking at 25+ advantages that each phone has over the other and hopefully it’ll help you figure it out which one you like best.

In part one of this two part series, we’ll be looking at reasons why the Galaxy S4 could be considered “better” than the iPhone 5S. Part 2 will cover why the iPhone 5S could be considered better than the Galaxy S4. Watch the detailed video below!

  1. Bigger screen.
  2. 1080p Full HD resolution.
  3. Screen works with gloves on.
  4. Removable battery.
  5. Expandable memory with microSD card slot.
  6. Capacitive buttons for menu and back.
  7. LED notifications.
  8. Smart alert.
  9. Smart stay and smart rotation.
  10. Smart scroll and smart pause.
  11. Air view.
  12. NFC capabilities.
  13. Connect to computers easily with MTP.
  14. Better Google Now integration.
  15. Voice controls.
  16. Custom lock screens and more password options.
  17. More keyboard options.
  18. More home screen options.
  19. Hide or disable apps (including carrier/manufacturer apps).
  20. Widgets.
  21. IR blaster.
  22. T9 dialing.
  23. Multi-window multitasking.
  24. USB host with OTG support (for Xbox controller, keyboards, mice, etc).
  25. Easy mode.
  26. DLNA.
  27. Turn over to mute.
  28. Wireless charging with back-cover accessory.
  29. Group play.
  30. Better sharing within apps.
  31. Higher megapixel front and rear cameras.
  32. More camera options.
  33. Customizable notification toggles.
  34. Easy screen shots with palm swipe.
  35. Easier to repair.
  36. Standard microUSB compatibility.

Look over the reasons listed above, and then compare them to the reasons listed in the (upcoming) iPhone 5S article. Not every reason listed in these articles is a deal “maker or breaker” but some of them might be important to you. Figure out which phone has the more important features for you, and go from there.

Can you think of any reasons that we didn’t list here? Leave them down in the comments below and we might just add it to the list (and give you credit)!


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David Rahimi is the editor-in-chief at PhoneBuff.com. Ever since he got his first smartphone, he has been obsessed with mobile technology and all that it has to offer. Other interests include business, investing, and neuroscience.

  • Susie

    thank you for this … I am looking to move from a 4 yr old text/talk phone to the Galaxy or the iPhone … will check out your other list!

  • paulolinguini

    Here are a few other reasons,

    26. Customize-able screen, icons styles, etc. using 3rd party apps.
    27. Flexibility to use other music programs other than iTunes.
    28. Being able to what ever files you want to your email without having to share to your email from the app. Iphone only allows picture and video attachments from within the email program.
    29. Google translate app allows “Conversation mode” on Android OS only.
    30. More apps and free apps available on Android than iOS now.

  • Sri

    I can tell you one biggest reason why you should buy iPhone- that is customer service. Samsung customer service is very bad and you can not even compare it with Apple. I am telling you this from my own experience. I will never ever buy any Samsung product.

    • Paulolinguini

      Customer service is hit and miss, I’ve had awful customer service at Apple and others had good ones. If it’s not about making money, Apple’s customer service sucks. Never had issues with my Galaxy S4 so I can’t comment about Samsung’s customer service but none of the people I know have had issues with their Samsung device either.

    • LongSummerDayz

      I hate Apple c/s. Because my device was replaced under warranty but the warranty on the original device ran out when it was 6 weeks old, they required me to pay to call them. APPLE IS SNEAKY and never again will I buy an apple product for that reason alone.

    • Vero

      I had better luck with the humble and hyper-solicitous Samsung gurus at Best Buy that with the “geniuses” at the Apple Store. Some of the i-genies are good, some of them are clueless. All of them think they rule. My eyes hurt from rolling every time I leave the Apple Store. And their chat support is, I’m pretty sure, done with robots. Or maybe sadistic human that relish on the desperation of others.

  • Q.

    4 & 5 are my favourite reasons.

    • Adrian Remus

      Only things i find useful (for me) are 3, 5, 26 and 36.

      • Q.

        But you know Android LAG while iOS doesn.t

        • Adrian Remus

          Lag is not a big problem for me as long as you don’t encounter it in basic phone features such as typing, messaging, calling….

  • Guest

    Easier to repair….?Oh, ipHone doesn’t need that much repairs? LOL! AND THE Rest of the other android features like nobody gives a crap about. Who gives a f*ck about IR blaster?? NFC? WHICH nobody supports yet?? Samsung customers pay for stupid features nobyd gives a crap and yet they get WAY too many spyware and crappy apps. IPHONE FOREVER!

  • john m.

    Easier to repair….?Oh, ipHone doesn’t need that much repairs! LOL! AND THE Rest of the other android features like nobody gives a crap about. Who gives a f*ck about IR blaster?? NFC? WHICH nobody supports yet?? Samsung customers pay for stupid features nobyd gives a crap and yet they get WAY too many spyware and crappy apps. IPHONE FOREVER!

  • mt

    why does the iphone’s primitive keyboard and inability to auto-scale web pages so they are readable not get more attention? I switched from a htc legend to an iphone 4 over a year ago, and those 2 huge limitations of the iphone have driven me crazy every day, despite other apple strengths. The basic htc keyboard from 2009 was far better than the iphone one, even after i upgraded to iOS7 (which has made my iphone 4 almost unuseable now, with long lags and terrible battery life). With SwiftKey on the htc, I could type entire sentences with a few taps. With the iphone, even simple messages are frustrating. I’m switching to HTC One.

  • kieran121

    there are reasons my android tablet can do
    1.iphone theme
    2.can have more voice rections from the play store
    3.flash player
    4.can have navigatie 6 (maybe on the s4)