September 10th Apple Event Somewhat Confirmed, Bejeweled Gold iPhone 5S Spied



We are mere tourists in Apple’s world and it is a very strange place indeed. For example, the “Bearded Oracle of Nova Scotia” has confirmed the rumor of a September 10 Apple event. And, believe it or not, Tim Cook’s Cupertino crew may be planning a bejeweled, golden iPhone 5S.

Last Friday, just as most folks were boarding the train home, or grabbing a cold one, the rumor of a September 10 Apple event appeared.

“Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone at a special event on September 10,” sources told blogger Ina Fried.

This morning, “Bearded Oracle of Nova Scotia,” a.k.a. Jim Dalrymple, confirmed the September 10 Apple event rumor as accurate in his usual verbose style — “Yep.”

For the uninitiated, Dalrymple has correctly confirmed and denied many Apple rumors in the past. It’s believed he’s an occasional (unofficial) company spokesman.

iPhone 5S: Gold Member Edition

In case anyone had any doubts, Japanese fan site Makotakara — a strong track record but no known Apple affiliations — has confirmed that Apple’s low-cost smartphone will be called the iPhone 5C, which will arrive in a plastic, nay, polycarbonate + glass fiber enclosure.

Makatakara also reports that the iPhone 5S will be available in three colors — white, black and gold (image above). Really? Perhaps, but it only makes sense in context.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claims the gold iPhone 5S is real. Moreover, he adds that not only will the iPhone 5S camera lens be made of durable sapphire, but so will the convex Home button, which will double as a fingerprint reader.

All previous iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Home buttons have been concave — curved inward. Folks are speculating that the convex shape will improved fingerprint sensor efficiency.

Kuo adds that the iPhone 5S camera will include an 8 megapixel sensor, not the 12 megapixel chip previously rumored. Apple will increase low-light image capture quality by using a brighter 2.0 F-stop and offer improved HDR capture, as well.

So, will we see a gold, jewel-encrusted iPhone 5S at a September 10 Apple event? Whereas the event is real, the “Gold Member” edition iPhone is still a work of fiction…

What’s your take?


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