iWatch Battery Revealed? Apple Patents Map the ‘Waze’



Why would Apple want to patent a flexible battery design? The obvious application, one that has been much in the news lately, is the iWatch. Additionally, a separate filing with the US Trademark and Patent Office gives legs to another meme worthy Apple product, one that’s at least partly realized — iOS Maps.

If you are looking for dry topics, drying delivered, Patently Apple has the genre covered. However, the site that specializes in parsing needles in a stack of needles recently uncovered a pair of gems.

First up is a just granted 2011 Apple patent covering flexible batteries:

[U]nique form factors often require flexible battery arrangements, whereas conventional battery packs are often too rigid to flexibly conform to these form factors. For example, lithium-ion batteries, such as lithium polymer battery cells, are quite rigid and bending them repeatedly may cause damage to the battery cells and battery failure. As a result of attempting to accommodate inflexible battery packs, the packaging of portable electronic devices may not be optimally sized.

Why would Apple need to patent a bendable battery design? The obvious reason is a wearable device, like the iWatch.

iWatch the Waypoints Go By

Whether wheat, chaff or a bit of both, this next morsel from the patent rumor mill concerns Maps, specifically newly minted Apple functionality that allows users to provide ratings for routes, streets and/or locations with the ability to initiate an alert associated with a location.

Sound familiar? It ought to as that’s what Waze does. Some months back ’twas widely rumored that Apple was in discussions to buy the Israeli social mapping venture, though Google was the one that came up with a $1 billion — apparently no self-respecting VC-funded company will accept anything less.

Whereas the consensus about Cupertino’s Fall rollouts — called “an army of products” by some — is expected to be rather boring with incremental iPad, iPhone and Mac updates expected, the steady diet of rumored products keeps Apple looking sexy and fresh.

Somehow I don’t believe that’s mistake. What’s your thinking?

Via: MacRumors


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    Looks like the iWatch battery will be located in the strap. Cool.

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      Yeah, looks like a brilliant use of space…