iPad 5 Design: Mini Inspired Thinness, Phat 150Mbps LTE



Sometime before Christmas, Apple will ship an updated full-size tablet. Although little else is “known,” it seems a sure thing that the iPad 5 will be thin, very thin, a la the market-beating iPad mini.

PhoneBuff has been singing this song since at least April — the iPad 5 will be a tad anorexic. The latest rumor, from French site NoWhereElse, bolsters the idea that Apple will style its next-gen full-size tablet after the iPad mini.

Whereas previous visual iPad 5 representations have been photos or renderings, this latest emanation is a convincingly authentic line drawing.


The above images show the iPad 5 will be 7.9mm thin. Which, hey, is how thick the iPad mini is. Also of note are the thin bezels, resulting in an overall smaller device than the iPad 4 with the same 9.7-inch display size.

Additionally, it is widely believed that the iPad 5 will be powered by the A7 processor, which will be made, at least in part, by Taiwan Semiconductor Company. Why? Apple’s trying with limited success to wean itself from Samsung produced components.

Lastly, according to Korea Times, Apple is negotiating with SK Telecom to deliver an LTE-A capable iPhone later this year. Though not explicitely stated in the piece, it seems probable that would be the iPhone 5S as Apple’s current flagship smartphone isn’t 150Mbps capable.

So does “thin” top your list of desirable iPad 5 features or are more interested in 802.11ac, NFC and other meat n’ potatoes features…

What’s your take?


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  • Tyler

    The iPad mini is 7.2 mm thick.