Verizon’s FiOS Mobile App Finally Available On Android



Just yesterday, Verizon released their FiOS Mobile app (which has been available on iOS for several months now) on the Google Play Store. Meaning, you can finally watch live TV on your Android powered smartphone or tablet from just about anywhere in your home (i.e. the bathroom). Note the keywords “in your home” though, as the app doesn’t stream live TV outside of the Wi-Fi connection your FiOS TV and Internet are connected by.

While that last bit is unfortunate, the good news is that you can still access FlexView content while using your phone’s data connection. Depending on your subscription, some of this content is free to watch (or even download) while the rest can be rented or purchased for just a couple of dollars. When testing this out myself, I found free content under the “Premium” tab while the “Popular” and “TV Shows” featured programs that were available for purchase.

Aside from letting you watch content either live or on-demand, the new FiOS Mobile app allows you to manage your DVR and can also act as a remote control for your set-top boxes (which eliminates the need for the separate FiOS Remote app). So far, I’m liking the app though I think it could benefit from a few updates (I’ve gotten two force-close errors already). Download the FiOS Mobile app from Google Play for yourself (link below) and let us know what you think!

Source: Verizon FiOS (Twitter), Google Play


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