Photos Of iPhone 5S Display Leak For The First Time


The Apple iPhone 5S is getting closer to its fall launch and as production ramps up, we are sure to see plenty of leaks! In fact, just this week, we got a glimpse of the completed display in a photo leak, followed by FanaticFone publishing a full set of high quality photos of the 5S’ display assembly. Let the leaks begin!


According to these leaked photos, there have been some pretty huge internal changes that will make the iPhone 5S different from the iPhone 5. It is widely assumed that this redesign is an effort to make room for rumored new components such as a fingerprint scanner.


In the side by side photographs of the 5 and 5S released by FanaticFone, it is very easy to see the hardware changes that have been made internally to the 5S. These changes suggest that a possible faster processor, better camera and the aforementioned fingerprint scanner will all be present in Apple’s latest iteration of their flagship smartphone.


While it is impossible to confirm that these photos are 100% authentic, it is widely believed that, due to various photos all coinciding with each other, they are the real deal. The fall launch of the 5S will tell us for sure, but it seems that the new iPhone is going to be significantly different than its sibling, the iPhone 5.

Via: BGR
Source: FanaticFone


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