iOS 7 Motion Control: It’s All In The Head


A freshly uncovered feature in iOS 7 beta 2 will be a major accessibility advance for mobility impaired iPhone and iPad users. However, with Microsoft, Samsung and Google all pursuing motion control, this could be a crucial first step for Apple. What is iOS 7 Motion Control about? It’s all in the head.

An anonymous tipster told 9 to 5 Mac that Apple has built motion control into iOS 7. Armed with that info, editor Scott Buscemi went hands on.

“We’ve tested this ourselves and found it to be quite accurate, but it’s quite tedious to control your device this way since it cycles through all of the options on the screen and you move your head when it is bordering around the option you want,” writes Buscemi.

As you can see, iOS 7 Motion Control is both useful and tedious, which limits its appeal as a full-time method for control an iPhone or iPad.

However, it is possible to assign other actions — Siri, Notification Center, App Switcher, volume controls, etc — to right or left head movements. This flexibility could make iOS 7 Motion Control a sleeper hit feature for both differently abled and norms alike.

That said, the option to enable “always on” voice command would be both sexier and more functional for a wider audience.

Nevertheless, it’s going to be fun playing with iOS 7 Motion Control…

What’s your take?

Via: MacTrast


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