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Apple has said that iOS 7 will not ship until this Fall and, as the early reviews clearly indicate, it’s far from finished. In fact, some users and journalists have reported serious issues related to running, legally and otherwise, iOS 7 beta on their iPhones — broken apps, device lockups, lost data, etc. That said, don’t be a schmuck — step inside for a perfectly legal way to try iOS 7 now without messing up your mobile life. has created and published a fully interactive iOS 7 beta on iPhone 5 emulator. Whereas the “real thing” is quite tactile, this demo is geared toward exposition rather than how iOS 7 feels.

For example, after “powering on” the iPhone 5 and “swiping to unlock,” you arrive at iOS 7 beta’s remade Home screen:

The new home of iOS 7, the home screen layout still utilises a 4×6 grid of icons (4×5 on iPhone 4/4S) but each of the new icons adheres to a single set of guides laid out by Ive and his design team. As such they have a consistent look and feel, all employing a vector based art style. Folders now accommodate multiple pages so you can throw tens of apps in each. The phone also features a faux-3D wallpaper which reacts as the phone is tilted in the hand.

Obviously, there’s no way to tilt the emulator in your hand to experience iOS 7’s new parallax effect. Nevertheless, you can still learn a lot about the iOS 7 beta and this demo works well on a touch enabled desktop computer.

That said, I found it’s a little more tactile, and fun, when using Recombu’s iOS 7 emulator on an iPad — it just seems more natural.

Have you tried iOS 7 beta for real? What are your impressions of Recombu’s emulator? Sound off in the comments below…

Via: 9 to 5 Mac


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