‘Cheap’ $350 iPhone Due Any Time



Whether you call it the iPhone mini or the cheap iPhone, there have been rumors of its imminent arrival since the 2007 launch of the original Apple smartphone. Now, six years later, a virtual internet lifetime, Apple’s “cheap” iPhone is expected to retail for $350 or more, will be far from mini and could arrive any day now.

Or, so says Topeka Capital analyst Brian White, who just came back from a whirlwind tour of Apple suppliers in Asia.

“The lower-price iPhone is imminent, and we believe it is now up to Apple to choose exactly when to unveil this new device to the world,” White wrote in an analyst note to investors.

That said, White expects the “cheap” iPhone to sport a 4-inch display, which is far from mini and the same size as Apple’s current Cadilac model, the iPhone 5.

Further, with an expected $350 to $400 retail price, the cheap iPhone, at least as imagined by White, won’t be low-cost by most standards.

But, that’s better news than might seem obvious. For example, an iPhone 5 purchased new and off contract from Smart Talk or T-Mobile costs about $70 a month plus taxes, etc.

If Apple does ship a cheap iPhone, low-cost carriers could offer it for $60 or less per month and, for financially challenged buyers, like me, that could make a big, big difference…

Have you been waiting for Apple’s cheap iPhone? As reported above, is that cheap enough for you? Inquiring minds want to know…

Source: Venture Beat
Image: FastCompany


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