AT&T Keeps Its Promise, Rolls Out FaceTime Over Cellular Data



AT&T has been making a lot of positive changes these days. First, the company announced with the introduction of iOS 6 that it would start to allow FaceTime over 3G and 4G cellular data — although the nation’s best 4G network only allowed those with unlimited plans to do so. Since this Spring, AT&T has made other positive changes, including the introduction of its All-In-One brand (abbreviated as AIO Wireless) that would allow customers to access a 7GB prepaid plan with unlimited voice and text for $70 a month. There are other, smaller data plans as well available, but I’m super excited about the highest prepaid data plan.

Just a few weeks ago, AT&T announced that it would now provide HSPA+ and LTE support over its GoPhone prepaid service — what was once forbidden by AT&T. It was once said online that if you struck a prepaid agreement with AT&T, stay “hush-hush” about the iPhone (many forum commenters said). Those forbidden days are now over, and this Friday, June 21st, iPhone customers will access LTE over AT&T’s prepaid service. What a dream come true!

As of today, AT&T has started rolling out its FaceTime over cellular data to all customers, whether on an unlimited or tiered data plan. This means that you can now use FaceTime in areas where there is no WiFi connectivity — a plus for many individuals who live in rural areas or countries where Internet is not as available as in America. This means that Apple’s new FaceTime audio calling feature will also be available in tough areas as well.

Alongside of AT&T’s GoPhone HSPA+ and LTE support for iPhone 5 customers, AT&T also plans to sell its exclusive Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet in a bundle this Friday, June 21st: customers who purchase the 8-inch tablet with a 2-year agreement and a GS4 model (whether the GS4 Mini, waterproof GS4 Active, or the original GS4) will be able to get the upfront price of the Note tablet dropped from $399.99 to $199.99. Of course, the smartphone and smartphone plan will cost you extra.

Source: AppleInsider


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