Apple Considers Larger Screens, New Colors and Cheaper Models



While Samsung has been busy launching new Galaxy phones left and right, Apple has been hard at work revamping the iPhone. Reuters has reported that Apple is taking a cue from rival Samsung and is considering stepping into the “phablet” market.

According to reports, Apple is considering launching 2 larger screen phones, one at 4.7 inches and one at 5.7 inches. Asian supply chains are saying that they have already been approached about creating and manufacturing the larger spec displays. Although Apple declined to comment on the new phones, analysts are speculating that Apple is under pressure to create something new, in the face of its biggest rival, Samsung. The latest Apple creation, iPhone 5, sports one of the smaller screens in the popular smartphone market, and its possible that this move is an effort to accommodate the rising popularity of phablets.

This year, we are expecting to see two new models coming out of Apple: the iPhone 5S and a cheaper, plastic-cased version that will come in a wide array of colors in an effort to differentiate it from the more high-end models that come in only black and white. It has been rumored that the cheaper phone will have a price point of about $99 (we’re assuming on contract).

In all, it looks as though Apple is squirming under the thumb of larger, more innovative companies; particularly Samsung. Only time will tell if the move to larger screens, colorful casings, and cheaper models will liven up what has become a rather stagnant iPhone market.

Source: Reuters


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