Samsung Galaxy And iOS Devices Expected To Be Approved By U.S. Department Of Defense



It looks like members of the U.S. government may soon have they opportunity to use Apple and Samsung products on the job. The U.S. Department of Defense is expected to give two separate security approvals for both the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line and also Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Until now, Research in Motion (RIM) has dominated the U.S. Government market with their Blackberrys, so a security approval for either of these companies would be considered a great success. Approvals with the U.S. Government, who are among the most security conscious customers, show that the companies have reached a “gold standard” in communications security. Even though the approvals may not garner tons of new customers from the government directly, the fact that the company has been approved by the Pentagon makes other potential customers feel comfortable using their devices.

Meanwhile, RIM has had to acquire new approval due to its new touch screen smartphones and, of course, its new operating system, BlackBerry 10. Executives at RIM insist that they are very close to having top security approval once again. They went on to say that the decision for RIM’s approval will be given in the next two weeks.

While this information does not necessarily apply to the average consumer, it is particularly exciting for all of those government employees who have been stuck with old-school BlackBerrys for all these years!

Source: Wall Street Journal Online


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