25 Reasons Why The HTC One Is Better Than The Samsung Galaxy S4


There’s almost no doubt about it. The top two smartphones released in 2013 are the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 (at least so far). Which automatically puts in the mind of most consumers the age old question:  which phone is better? Well, the truth is that no one phone is the “best” phone for everybody, as each of us has different wants and needs when it comes to a phone. But in this two part series, we’re going to try our best to help you determine which phone is best for YOU by going over 25 reasons why one is better than the other. Up first, the HTC One:

Below, you’ll find a list of the 25 reasons mentioned in the video along with some bonus reasons that we’ll continually update/change as needed. Enjoy!

  1. Beautiful “all-metal” build.
  2. Front facing speakers blast audio towards you instead of away.
  3. Speakers are louder and deliver better overall sound quality.
  4. Beats Audio optimizes the music experience with more bass.
  5. Wide angle lens front facing camera.
  6. Wide angle lens rear camera.
  7. Ultrapixel camera has better low-light performance.
  8. Optical image stabilization.
  9. HTC Zoe captures 3 seconds of video with 20 still frames, 1 second if which before pressing the shutter.
  10. Slow motion video with variable speed playback.
  11. Video highlights makes a day in your life a movie.
  12. Higher pixel density at 469 PPI (compared to 441 on the S4).
  13. Super LCD3 display is brighter and colors look more natural.
  14. Sense 5 is a more polished looking user interface.
  15. More wallpapers (static and live), custom made HTC widgets.
  16. Fastboot offers fast boot up and shutdown times.
  17. Blink Feed aggregates the news you want with your social media updates.
  18. Gallery app aggregates photos from online servers and social accounts.
  19. 32 GB of memory for the same price as 16 GB on the S4.
  20. Lower full retail price at just $575 for the unlocked version.
  21. Multitasking view shows up to 9 apps at a time compared to just 3-4 on the S4.
  22. Minute and messaging details alongside data usage.
  23. Easier one handed use with swiping gestures.
  24. Kids Mode (Zoodles) preloaded, integrated on unlocked versions.
  25. Make more space feature allows for app cache clearing and uninstall/deleting in one place.
  26. HDR microphone (for as long as supplies last do to Nokia injunction).
  27. More lock screen modes.
  28. More keyboard options (T9, AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc).
  29. Curved back makes it feel more ergonomic.
  30. FM transmitter.
  31. Rescue mobile preloaded for remote assistance.
  32. HTC stickers come in the box.
  33. Burst camera mode can take up to 99 pictures.
  34. Car mode (turns Bluetooth on, car-convenient UI).

More and more reasons will continually be added to the list above. Some may be removed if the feature becomes available on the Galaxy S4. Do you have any reasons why the HTC One is better than the Galaxy S4 that we missed? Let us know down in the comments below!


About Author

David Rahimi is the editor-in-chief at PhoneBuff.com. Ever since he got his first smartphone, he has been obsessed with mobile technology and all that it has to offer. Other interests include business, investing, and neuroscience.

  • ahmed yossef

    a lot more ram available on the HTC ONE than on the S4

    • Celso Ulises Garcia

      HTC has less ram due to blink feed

  • Luxemburg

    I really like phonebuff, but this is a bit of a joke!?

    Have you even used the GalaxyS4?

    Gallery app aggregates photos from online servers and social accounts.
    -> Also in S4’s Galery (Picasa, Facebook…)

    More wallpapers (static and live), custom made HTC widgets.

    -> Really? A reason to make a phone better?? (check play store for thousands of apps that bring you wallpapers)

    Kids Mode (Zoodles) preloaded, integrated on unlocked versions.

    -> Simple Mode Homescreen on S4

    More lock screen modes.

    -> Android 4.2.2 on S4 lets you use lockscreen widgets

    Multitasking view shows up to 9 apps at a time compared to just 3-4 on the S4.

    -> you just scroll to the others!? And real Multitasking on S4/S3 with Multiwindow!

    FM transmitter.

    -> Hade one on all of my Phones untill now and I never used it, Seriously, who listens to FM-radio on a smartphone? I’ve put a 64GB SD-cart in my S4 and could (if I wanted to) put my whole music galery (+/- 5000 songs) on it.

    Last point: Splitting one thing into several like Speakers (2 points in your list) and pricing (2 points) or display (2 points).. why name the article 25 reasons, put 32 in there where several should be regrouped in one?

    The rest is okay, it does have better speakers, better material (alu).

    • http://www.facebook.com/babily521 Bassam K. Al-Hasson

      Just one thing FM transmitter means turning ur phone to a radio. The sound is broadcast through the transmitter, which can then be picked up by appliances such as car or portable radios such as car.

      • Abdullah

        I have HTC One … the most attractive feature is “FM Transmitter” … but I couldn’t find it .

        • edbod

          HTC One doesn’t have an FM transmitter!

          • myufka

            absolutely right,. doesnt has a Fm transmitter

      • AceStar

        … which neither phone has.

        He meant an FM radio receiver.

    • Hamza

      Just stop being a fanboy, i am really sorry that you really wasted time to write these here. Also i use fm radio every morning to listen my favourite radio program.

    • Anya

      they also did a list for why s4 is better….

    • AceStar

      Simple mode home screen on Samsung is nothing like Kids Mode on HTC.

      FM Radio can be useful at the gym etc. And drains much less battery and uses no data compared to internet radio.

      PS have you checked out his other list – the one with reasons why the S4 is better than the One? It’s linked near the top under “25 reasons…”

    • Dru Moncatar

      No this ain’t a joke. Just one reason is needed to tell why HTC One is better than the GS4. – – – TOUCHWIZ.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tarcisiorm Tarcísio Medeiros

    Has the Samsung S4 HDR Video?

    • Ravi P.

      Yes, it support HDR Video + many more camara features.

  • djc

    Htc one comes with flash player pre installed

    • roostaboosta

      That’d be nice…….

  • Joshua Torres Matos

    Nooo @ahmed yossef the galaxy s 4 has 2 g of ram htc one 1.7 g ram

    • Manickaraj

      No Bro. HTC One also having 2GB RAM

      • bootaroosta

        Blinkfeed is useless and uses that up

        • Haha

          Lol, touchwizz uses up alot more of it than sense and blinkfeed combined. One thing they did not mention, the UI on the One is faster than on the GS4

  • renman

    What about lack of text reflow in the Samsung S4 browser?Or has that been fixed?

    • roostaboosta

      Must be fixed, im on my s4 right now and theres no lag on it

    • AceStar

      Samsung devices don’t have text reflow like HTC devices do. With Samsung devices there is a “re-format to fit screen” option which is either on or off and if it’s on, it means text columns are narrowed to one particular static size. With HTC, resizing the display reflows the text to whatever width the display is – it’s dynamic.

  • emre karahan

    Where is the fm transmitter??

    • AceStar

      He meant FM receiver.

  • MannyMontana

    battery life is better one the one. only had the s4 for 2 weeks and my sd card malfunctioned and the signal gets weak and overall I have had almost all the htc phones for sprint and had no problems with any of them. HTC MAKES A BETTER PRODUCT PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  • Dru Moncatar

    They should’ve included the part that HTC has better update support than Samsung. They’re really apart. Me and my workmates we’re Samsung users. Up until I purchased an HTC Butterfly.
    The phone was magnificent and got even better with updates.
    Updates which Samsung sends very very late on their devices.