BlackBerry 10.1 OS Preview Reveals HDR Camera Mode, PIN To PIN Messaging, And Other New Features



BlackBerry has officially launched the 10.1C SDK OS for developers and, though it may not sound like something to get really excited over, this release gives us a little sneak peek into what we can expect to see in BlackBerry 10.1 when it rolls out for non-developer users.

As mentioned before, the 10.1C SDK is intended for developer use only, however it may be giving us some insight into BlackBerry 10.1 as a whole. According to those who have used the new developer OS, many changes have been spotted. Some of these changes were expected and some where not. Either way, it is exciting to have an idea of what to expect from the coming update.

Changes that have been spotted so far include:

  • HDR Photo-taking options
  • PIN to PIN messaging
  • APN Editing
  • Improved ‘Text-Picker’
  • Black Sharing Menu
  • Installed apps can be opened from BlackBerry World via an ‘open’ button
  • Coupon redemption options within BlackBerry World
  • New demos and walkthroughs
  • Alerts may now be turned off for specific apps
  • ‘Select All’ is now enabled for broadcast messages

Of course there is a good chance that there are even more changes within 10.1C SDK. As time wears on, more and more of these subtle changes will continue to be revealed, up until the release of full fledged BlackBerry 10.1 update for general consumers.

Source: CrackBerry


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