T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 Expected To Launch As Soon As May 1st



T-Mobile has been hyping their reboot for nearly a year and it’s finally here. Whereas everyone expected the carrier to add the Apple iPhone 5 — the $100 upfront cost was a nice surprise — T-Mobile is also offering Samsung’s upcoming and über fresh Galaxy S IV with the same terms come May 1st.

And, that’s just the beginning vis-a-vis LTE compatible devices. In addition to the Galaxy S IV and iPhone 5 (April 12), T-Mobile has announced the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Blackberry Z10, HTC One and T-Mobile 2.0 Mobile HotSpot will also run on the company’s seven metro LTE network — Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose and Washington, DC.

And, yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can get Apple’s half-year-old iPhone 5 for $100 down + $20 for 24 months. A deal? Perhaps the better offer is Samsung’s freshly minted Galaxy S IV with the same terms — ditto that for all of the above smartphones and hotspot.

Subs that cancel service before the end of 24 months only need to pay the remaining balance for the device — there is no early termination fee per se. Naturally, folks with unlocked, off-contract Galaxy, iPhone, HTC, etc smartphones get low-cost 4G and/or LTE service without contract too.

On the surface, T-Mobile only offers one plan — $50 a month for unlimited text, HD voice and 500MB data sans contract. However, almost everyone will want more date, which costs $10 for 2GB or unlimited bits and bytes for plus $20. Adding a second line costs $30 a month and each additional device adds $10.

T-Mobile says their LTE footprint will cover 200 million Americans before year’s end, though the carrier hasn’t said how the rollout will proceed. For the time being, the vast majority of subs will be running on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, which covers 250 cities.

T-Mobile has a competitive selection of must-have devices and their plan pricing is competitive though not overly aggressive. Are you planning to switch? Is pink your new network?

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