Apple Now Warning Users About Freemium Applications With In-App Purchases



Score another one for inattentive (bad?) parenting. The Cupertino, California-based iPhone, iPad and iPod maker is now labeling “freemium” apps and games on its iOS App Store with the warning, “offers in-app purchases.” And, yes, Apple will also pay out more than $100 million to said same parents.

The growth in the freemium mobile app business has been explosive. Whereas kids, and adults, don’t like paying for apps, they don’t seem to have any problem with coughing up real money for in-app currency, power ups, level cheats, weapons, etc.

That said, some children have racked up hundreds and even thousands of dollars of in-app purchase charges on their parents’ credit cards. However, mummy and daddy aren’t taking their own inattention lying down. A California court sided with parents, forcing a $100 million settlement on the iThing maker.

Apple loses, parents win? “Attempting to lessen the incidence of unauthorized excessive in-app purchases, Apple quietly added a feature to App Store listings that points out when a free app features paid in-app content,” writes Apple Insider.

Wait a second, “unauthorized”? Fundamentally, kids couldn’t have made all of those purchases without authorization (i.e. “Mommy (daddy), give me the password!) from their parents in the first place. Although it’s reasonable that Apple should add the “offers in-app purchases” warning to the iOS App Store, the wisdom of giving inattentive parents $100 million is dubious at best…

What’s your take?

Source: Apple Insider


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