SwiftKey Updates To 4.0 Introducing Flow Gesture Input



SwiftKey has finally managed a comeback for their rival, Swype, with their newly available SwiftKey 4 with Flow gesture input. The long awaited gesture-based typing also features ‘Flow Through Space’, a component that allows users to simply slide their fingers to the space bar instead of pausing after every word to create a space.

The upgrade expanded the contextual word predictor to include 60 additional languages. It also includes much simpler word correction and it acclimates to the users personal typing style, adjusting accordingly.

This upgrade is free to those who are already using SwiftKey on their phone or Tablet, and it is temporarily half priced for those new users who might not be happy with Swype or any other input method they may be using.

I went ahead and downloaded SwiftKey 4 to my phone and played around with it a bit. While I couldn’t successfully get the ‘Flow Through Space’ feature to work consistently, the gesture-based typing is amazing! Fluid and fast, SwiftKey 4 lives up to my expectations, overall. I like it better than Swype for its quick and simple corrections and it is a fantastic, easily accessible keyboard for those who may not be especially fond of the existing keyboard on their phone.


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