Solavei Becomes First Carrier To Ship BlackBerry Z10 In The U.S.


As Blackberry is slowly climbing back up the ladder of popularity, fans in the US are patiently awaiting the release of the Blackberry Z10 on to the public market. Unfortunately for American Blackberry lovers, the official launch date is still weeks away…or is it?

In an announcement just released by Solavei CEO Ryan Wuerch, the carrier will be the first to offer the Blackberry Z10 in the U.S., not to mention way ahead of the original release schedule. The announcement has many Blackberry fans asking the same question: “Who or what is Solavei?” A subsidiary of T-Mobile, Solavei is a low-cost, no contract carrier who is offering an unsubsidized Blackberry Z10 to fans who just cannot wait until the official release date.

But is it worth it? Sure, there are the die-hard fans out there who are willing to do anything and everything to get their hands on the Blackberry Z10 before anyone else, but at what cost? Solavei has slapped an unsubsidized $999 price tag on their newest member. This kind of price is likely to be a deterrent to those without an extra grand laying around, especially with subsidized options just a couple of weeks away.

Even so, there are likely to be numerous sales made on Solavei’s online retailer partner GSM Nation, who is actively selling the new Blackberry Z10 as of today. So, if you are a Blackberry fan with money to burn and no problems with switching your mobile carrier, today is your lucky day!

Via: Financial Post
Source: Solavei


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  • Jason

    Wow $1000 bucks for a 4th place OS that most people aren’t even familiar with. That is crazy.