Nexus 4 Wireless Charger Now Available On Google Play


Nexus 4

For those of us with more charger cords than we have desk space, having a wireless phone charger available is a huge plus. For all of the clutter-laden Nexus 4 owners out there, Google has finally released their wireless Nexus charger to make their lives a little easier.

For $60 dollars cordless-lovers everywhere can own their very own wireless induction dock for the Nexus 4. Operating, like most wireless chargers of the same kind, on the Qi inductive charging system, Google’s new wireless Nexus 4 charger is a little late to the game, but still appreciated by wireless enthusiasts and, of course, Nexus fans.

Although critics would say that the $60  price tag is a little high for a feature that has been touted as a key selling point for the phone itself, the price tag is about the same as competitors Qi inductive chargers, not to mention having to purchase a conductive case if it is not already built into the phone like the Nexus 4.

The price is also attributed in part to the convenience of being able to just set the phone down on the charging plate instead of dealing with meticulous micro-USB connectors. With a powerful 1 amp of power being put out at 5 volts, it will be fascinating to see how the wireless charger compares to traditional corded chargers in regard to speed.

If you don’t have any qualms about the $60 price tag, you can snag a wireless charger for your Nexus 4 right now on the Google Play store.

Via: Engadget
Source: Google Play


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