EA Announces Real Racing 3 Will Be Free To Play



EA Games is taking the plunge into the ‘freemium’ industry by offering its ‘Real Racing 3′ mobile racing game to iOS and Android owners for free.There’s a catch, however…

The premise of the freemium movement is that companies can bring in a lot more revenue by advertising their downloadable apps as ‘free to download’ and then make their real cash on in-app purchases. EA seems to be doing just that, as they have gotten rid of their normal $4.99 price tag for a fully unlocked app, and are going to be offering their Real Racing 3 for free on February 28th, complete with plenty of in-app purchasing opportunities.

EA, like many mobile app developers, will be using this model to gain exposure to as many people as possible by ridding themselves of a price tag that might otherwise deter possible players. They are comparing the playability and in-app purchases to their other apps such as The Simpsons, Bejeweled, and Fifa.

While EA has promised that no part of the game will be inaccessible to players who choose not to spend the money on in-app purchases, there are opportunities, for players who decide to pay, to upgrade to better cars and gain access to different racetracks faster.

Overall, there is no reason not to give Real Racing 3 a shot! With excellent graphics and polygon counts that are comparable to PS3 games, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Source: Firemonkeys


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  • Deidrich

    Wasn’t this the game that Apple demoed on the iPhone back when they announced the iPhone 5?