Android 4.2.2 Update Comes With New Features



Android 4.2.2 is finally out and it comes with a few noticeable changes on the user end. While we are sure you can find them all on your own, this handy guide will help you navigate through all the changes that come with the update.

App Download Progress Bar

One of the more noticeable changes that you will likely find right off the bat is the new download status in the notification bar. It is present when apps are in the process of downloading and displays a helpful ‘percentage done’ bar as well as a ‘time remaining’ estimate. This is definitely an improvement and should prove helpful when downloading apps.

There are also a couple of new sounds that weren’t present before. The first is a quick chime that is prompted by connecting to a wireless charger. Previously, there was no sound for this action, so it will be nice to have some confirmation that the device is actually connected to the wireless charger.

The second new sound is for a low or dying battery. The previous sound was replaced by the new one, and personally, I think it is much more appealing than the old one.  Both of the new sounds can be heard by clicking here.

The final noticeable change stemming from the 4.2.2 software update are a few modifications to the ‘Quick Setting’ toggles. While it is only a tweak, those who use the toggle system a lot will immediately notice the difference. Users are now able to long press the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi squares and use them as actual toggles. This is different from the other controls that usually consist of long-pressing for ‘settings’ and a normal tap for ‘toggle’. Unfortunately, this leaves some of the squares as single tap for the toggle feature where others you have to long press to toggle, which could get pretty confusing.

Overall, the changes aren’t huge, but they are noticeable to a frequent user. The new sounds and the added download bar should both prove themselves helpful, but the toggle tweak may just end up being a frustration.

Source: Android Police


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