10 Tips & Tricks On Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


As you may already know if you follow the blog, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has been out for a while now. So we feel like it was a good time to go over some (10 to be exact) tips and tricks that you may not have known about. Now, some of these “tips” come from previous versions of Android (4.0 and 4.1) but are still applicable in 4.2. With that said, lets over them:

  1. Accessing Quick Settings: Using two fingers to swipe down the notification bar instead of one will jump straight into Android 4.2’s new “quick settings” option. If you forgot and used one finger by force of habit, you can still jump into the quick settings rather quickly by tapping the bottom of the notification bar with your other finger.
  2. Adjusting Date & Time Settings:If you want to quickly change your date or time, you can pull down the notification bar and tap on the clock in the top left corner to jump straight into their settings.
  3. Opening Google Now: To quickly access Google Now, swipe up from underneath your screen and drag your finger to the “Google Now” button that will show up as a result. It doesn’t matter where you swipe up from or what app your currently in, the shortcut will work regardless.
  4. Unlocking Developer Options: In 4.2, the developer options are hidden by default. To unlock them, go into Settings>About Phone and repeatedly tap on the “build number” option until you get a message telling you that you have become a developer.
  5. Unlocking Easter Egg Day Dream: Day Dream is an all new feature with Android 4.2, and if you want the Jelly Bean Easter Egg to be one of the available day dreams do this: Go to Settings>About Phone and repeatedly tap on the “Android version” option until you see that big ol’ Jelly Bean.
  6. Switching Tabs: Chrome is now default in Android 4.2, and has a nice little trick to switching tabs easily. Simply swipe from one end of your phone’s screen (the left or the right) to the other to switch back and forth between open tabs.
  7. Identify Buttons: With ICS, Google changed the old menu system by going with the new action bar. This makes things more convenient, except for when you have no idea what those little buttons on the action bar do. Well, a way to avoid finding out through trial and error is simply long pressing on the unidentified button which will prompt a little notification telling you what the button is or does.
  8. Switching Keyboards: With the new Emoji keyboard that came with Android 4.2, you’ll probably want to know how to switch keyboards quickly. It’s actually quite simple. Just press and hold on the space bar and you’ll get a pop up letting you choose between available input methods.
  9. See Original Photo: With Android Jelly Bean’s new photo editing tools (filters, crops, etc), you can quickly forget what your original photo looked like (and if the edited version is better). Well, instead of backing out and looking at the original in your gallery, you can simply swipe down on the photo while editing to reveal the original photo.
  10. Quick Uninstall: If you want to uninstall an app on your smartphone or tablet, there’s no more need to do it through the Google Play store or go deep into the settings. Simply open your app launcher and press and hold on an app. This will make two buttons show up at the top of your screen. To delete an application, drag the app to the “uninstall” button and let go.

While some of these tips will work on all Android devices, others will only work on certain models. However, if you have a Nexus device running Android 4.2 or above you’ll be able to use all ten of the tips and tricks discussed in this article. Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with the PhoneBuff community? Leave a comment down below!


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  • JaniSaksa

    Sorry to sai, but at least in my Samsung Trend (Android 4.2.2) pressing space for long just brings out the languages supported and configured in keyboards settings for use, not a list of typing methods – that is, not way to change between Android’s native, Swype & Swiftkey keyboards. for example, just a way to change typing language… :(