Nvidia Announces Quad Core Tegra 4 Processor With 72 Core GPU



If you have a Nexus 7, or any other mobile device that sports the quad-core Tegra 3 processor, you know that it is more than capable of handling just about anything you throw at it. But the Tegra 3 is so last year (literally), so today Nvidia announced the all new Tegra 4 which is a quad-core processor with a 72 core (you read that right) GPU. The Tegra 4 is based on ARM’s latest A15 architecture, and works with 4G LTE so you can finally have the best of both worlds (performance and data speeds)!

Nvidia claims that the Tegra 4 is the world’s fastest application processor, even beating Apple’s A6x found in the iPad 4. Comparing the Tegra 4 to what’s on the Google Nexus 10, Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huan said that the Tegra 4 loads 24 web pages in 27 seconds, while the Nexus 10 takes 50 seconds to do the same. Seems pretty impressive, but we’ll have to see how it performs in the real world compared to some of the other high end mobile processors before making any final judgements.


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  • Eekk Eekk

    How the fast it is! That was EPIC!

  • Maziar

    When will we have the Tegra 4? Thank you.