Nokia Lumia 920 Knife And Hammer Test


We recently put the Nokia Lumia 920 through a drop test, and it fared much better than we thought it would. In fact, it did significantly better than both the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. So, as we do with all the phones that survive our drop tests, we took it to the next level by scratching it with keys and a knife, slamming it with a mallet and using it as a hammer. See how the Lumia 920 does below:

As you can see, the Lumia 920 survived this vicious test almost without a scratch (except for the knife scratches on its side). Again, the Lumia 920 has surprised us with its outstanding durability. The tough Gorilla Glass and polycarbonate material really hold their own. But eventually the phone will crack, and we’re planning to see just how much torture it could take before it does, so stay tuned!


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  • Silver

    Hi David…

    I already see with what you done with lumia 920.

    But i still have one question. Did nokia 920 have water proof feature?


    • Magma

      @Silver Most likely not. A phone can be only that indestructible. You’ll need a waterproof cover if you feel your Nokia has a chance of getting soaked. But an accidental drop of water won’t kill it.

      • liz

        I just accidentally drop my phone into a cup full of juice, don’t ask how or why lol, but it works perfectly fine even though the speakers were submerged.

  • kim

    Scratches on the camera are more likely the metal key being scratched off by the ceramic zirconium on the camera plate.

  • Athul Ramanan

    Incredible… & sad to see it… Can you give me that phone..

  • Gary

    I dropped my Nokia Lumia 920 from my hip and the screen shattered. Try dropping yours on it’s face and see if it passes the drop test. Mine didn’t

    • David Rahimi

      In the Lumia 920 destruction we did, the phone’s screen didn’t shatter when we smacked it with a 2×4 (but it did stop responding). I think it just depends really on the angle it hits the ground (or a 2×4 in our case).

  • BurntWaffle69

    Because everyone uses their phone for a hammer… Lol

    That’s a tough phone.