AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Drop Test


We did drop tests on both the flagship Android and flagship iOS smartphones, so you knew we were going to do the same to the flagship Windows Phone in the Nokia Lumia 920. In this traditional drop test, we drop the phone from the hip, from the chest, and finally from the head. This is meant to emulate what would most likely happen in real life if you were to accidentally drop your 920. So, does the Lumia 920 survive? Watch the video below to find out!

As you can see, the Nokia Lumia 920 went through all three of our drop tests without getting seriously damaged. There are a few scuff marks and scratches here and there (especially on the bottom corners) but nothing too serious considering the drops we put it through. Something to note, a majority of the scratches along the left side wiped off, so it actually looks better now than it did at the end of the video.

Also, some of you have pointed out that it looks as if the Lumia 920 hits my shoe (and thus breaking the fall) during the 2nd drop test. I reviewed the footage in super slow motion and am able to confirm that the smartphone did NOT hit my foot. It actually hit the pavement just right next to it and bounced over my shoe. When you look at it frame by frame (zoom in on #2) in the picture above, you’ll see what I mean.

Overall, I have to say that I am really impressed with how the Lumia 920 did in the drop test. I had a feeling it was going to be pretty solid, but didn’t expect it to do this well. And because it survived with just a few scratches, I’m going to see just how much abuse the phone can take before it cracks (literally). What do we have in store for Nokia’s flagship smartphone? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned for that!


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  • Lamppu

    A good one! Could we have a pic after cleaning the phone? Remember the meaning of the color IN the polycarbonate.

    • rabit

      Good job phonebuff

  • MikadoWu

    I bought 5 920s on Friday…. I would hate to see these wonders destroyed, however…..

    Could try your drop test to land on the face of the Phone and not the corner?

    Just curious…

  • FSC

    Not so heavy.. kid is holding it right…one hand..=)

  • vicHoff

    dropped mine yesterday (no cover yet)in a bathroom…painted concrete type floor. Was disappointed and picked it back up to find absolutely not some much as a scratch….granted not a rough service…but was shocked! This thing is durable!!

  • BaconUSA

    My 900 cracked hip height.

  • ericmeister

    The device is using Corning Gorilla Glass 2, so no wonder nothing happens

  • Peter

    optical image stabilization are still working after this? :)

  • Ludaman

    You should try a scratch(durability) test on the Nokia 920 to see if you can get some micro scratches. I have already started to see some if I set it down screen down on desks since the screen is rounded so much over the edge of the phone.

  • Ammn

    LOL Is a Fake Test no way the baby can hold the 920 unless he is a Super Baby!!!

  • bebop

    5 kg sledgehammer test please.

    • chris yahya

      goddamn, 5 kg sledge? Y U NO use B.O.B? no one smartphone can revenge from B.O.B…. except nokia 3310

  • carfreak26

    Does the optical image stabilization work after all those drops??

  • mikeP

    this phone is simply amazing! i bought one today, compared it to my iphone 5. so much better! feels like it is built for a real man, makes my iphone seem kind of girly now. gonna go sell my iphone asap.

  • Eddy K

    Your drop test is faulty. This is my Lumia 920 after a drop from waist-high.

  • Aky

    Thnx for the test . I like your tests, But I was expecting to see lumia 920 to touch the ground face (screen) down , exactly like GS3 and iPhone 5, but you changed it. All 3 phones have same gorilla glass but I want to know if lumia 920 has something more?
    A polite suggestion : you could put the phones on video recording mode, we can get another angle… :)

    • Lampleon

      GS3 and iPhone 5 don’t land face flat either.

  • Lampleon


    AnTuTu Sunspider JavaScript Test
    Nokia Lumia 920 11,904 911
    iPhone 5 N/A 935
    LG Optimus G 11,087 1289
    Motorola Atrix HD6123 1314
    HTC One X 7074 1617
    Samsung Galaxy S III 7011 1825

  • gariebrian

    this is an amazing phone tym, Nokia is going back to the top

    • Lampleon

      I just got mine with a free wireless charger. I was number 26 in Finland. This Lumia is awesome! It is 2 a.m. and I sit and Wonder…

  • Ridho

    than you brick the Nokia Lumia 920, that’s be better if you give me that lumia Phone..

    i hope you read my Comment

  • Lampleon

    All sold out in Finland in the First Morning…

  • TechCheque
  • Juan

    Just love Nokia Lumia 920 & the baby on the video is so cute! haha