How To Enable Voice Controls On Samsung Galaxy S3


When we did the 50 Reasons Why The Galaxy S3 Is Better Than The iPhone 5 video, a lot of you asked about the voice controls for apps on the Galaxy S3 and how to enable them. Well, instead of responding to each individual comment we decided to write this quick article showing you exactly how to do it. You can watch the video or just skip to the written instructions below:

  1. Open the S Voice app.
  2. Press menu and tap on Settings.
  3. Find the option for “Control apps” and flip the switch to on.

If you press on the Voice CMD for Apps option itself, it will take you to a menu where you can enable or disable certain voice commands. For example, in the video David turned off the phone voice commands so that way he never accidentally answers a phone call that he didn’t intend on answering.


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  • Calvin Mercer

    I would like to learn how to get the best out of my Galaxy Rush. I hope you can help me, with a video.

  • keith

    i dont get the voice cmd so are there other ways

  • cesar

    i dont get the voice cmd option as well. is there a program i need to download?

  • Thomas

    I also don’t have the voice cmd option, please help me out with this..

    • David Rahimi

      Samsung moved the location of this setting with their latest update. Its now under S Voice’s settings. I’ve updated the article to reflect this change. Hope this helps =)

      • Thomas

        Thanks for the help with voice cmd. I