iCarpus Universal Smartphone Stand Review


After using the HTC EVO 4G LTE for a while with its wonderful kickstand, and then going to another phone, I found myself reaching for a kickstand that just wasn’t there. I mean, a lot of smartphones have relatively large displays nowadays, yet most of them don’t feature a kickstand. Thankfully, there is an accessory for that. In this video, I review the iCarpus universal smartphone stand:

The iCarpus stand fits most smartphones ranging from the 3.5 inch screen iPhone 4S to the 5.3 inch screen on the Galaxy Note. It works in both portrait and landscape mode, with portrait being more suited for devices with a flat bottom edge. The stand itself seems well built and pretty durable so far, though I do fear that the spring that snaps back to grasp your phone will either loosen up or break one day. But for a price of just under $15 on Amazon, I think it’s well worth the risk.


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