Apple iPhone 5 Review


It’s been a few weeks now since Apple launched its sixth generation iPhone in the iPhone 5. And after using it since the day it launched, I’m ready to finally review the iconic smartphone for you guys. Right of the bat I’ll let you know that I like this iPhone more than I’ve liked any iPhone in the past. Not because it’s “revolutionary” like Apple would have you believe. But because it’s a solid upgrade from last years model, offering the things we’ve been asking for like a bigger screen and 4G LTE. It isn’t perfect however (what phone is?), so checkout the review below to get my full review:

In the video, I said my favorite thing about the iPhone 5 is its durability. But as I’m writing this article, I’ve changed my mind. My new favorite thing about the iPhone 5 is its speed. The Apple A6 dual-core processor runs iOS 6 so smoothly you’ll be hard pressed to find it lag. Ever. Take one look at the speed test against the best Android has to offer and you’ll see why I would say that. Anyways, overall I think the iPhone 5 is a solid phone and definitely worth the upgrade if you are coming from an older smartphone like the iPhone 4 or below.


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  • Jon

    Got my iPhone 5 almost a month ago and I have to say, it is amazing! But I kind of wish that apple updates iOS a little bit more that’s it. Other than that, this is a great smartphone