SmartStay Ex App Review (for Android)


While using my Samsung Galaxy S3, I fell in love with TouchWiz’s SmartStay feature that kept the screen from timing out when it detected that you were looking at it. But when I went back to my Galaxy Nexus, I felt withdrawal pains. Every time the screen timed out when I was reading an article, it made me want to go back to using my SGS3. But thankfully, after a little searching I found the SmartStay Ex app available for free on Google Play by a developer called Nebkat.

While I wouldn’t say that it works as well as the SmartStay feature found on the Galaxy S3 (because it doesn’t), I can’t complain about the performance I’ve gotten thus far. I mean, while it didn’t catch me looking at the screen 100% of the time, it did reduce the amount of times I got frustrated with the screen timing out while I was reading something. And being a free app and all, I can’t really ask for more. Download it from the Play Store and check it out for yourself!


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  • Tom Womack

    So he’s made a cheap and kludgy knock-off of some inspired work by Samsung, and then stolen Samsung’s name for his demonstrably more shoddy product – this is a pretty clear-cut case of passing off.