How To Share Videos While Video Chatting On Google Talk (for Android)


I was doing a Google Talk video chat with my Dad (who was overseas at the time) and wanted to show him a video of my baby nephew. At first, I thought I’d just email it to him after we were done video chatting. But a part of me wanted to see his reaction to the video. So, I improvised. Below, I’ll show you how to share videos while video chatting on Google Talk:

Note: This won’t work with all devices. You must have Android version 4.0 and up, and your phone must have the latest version of the Google Talk app.

  1. While in a video chat, tap on your video window (the little screen on the bottom right that shows you) to swap it into full screen.
  2. Tap on the picture icon on the bottom right (used for motion backgrounds).
  3. Select “pick from gallery” and choose the video you want to share.
  4. Use your thumb to cover your camera completely while it’s setting up, and hold it there until you’re done sharing the video. Note that the audio portion won’t be shared.

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