Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Which Is Faster?


I’ve been very impressed at how Windows Phone 7 makes a single core phone feel like a dual-core phone running Android or iOS. But the way a phone “feels” can be biased by our perceptions. So in this article, I compare the flagship Windows Phone known as the Nokia Lumia 900 to the flagship Android phone in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Which phone is actually faster? Watch the video below to find out:

This one was really close. When it comes to boot up time and application launch speed, I have to give the slight edge to the Nokia Lumia 900. It beat the Galaxy Nexus by a good margin in the boot up test, and loaded apps faster 60% of the time in our app speed test. But when in browser test, we saw the biggest margin between the two with the Galaxy Nexus loading websites significantly faster than the Nokia.


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  • Nox

    You cannot compare apps from a windows phone and apps from android, because even if they are supposed to be the same with the same functionnalities, it’s not coded the same way so it highly depends on the efficiency of the coding, but also of the rendering, as you see in your first app test, the dispplay is different so you are not comparing the same product on the devices.