Using The Xbox 360 Controller To Play Games On Android


Yup. You read the title right. You can use an Xbox 360 controller with your Android phone (take that iOS)! With a simple little USB OTG cable that you can buy for under $10 on Amazon, you can connect your Xbox 360 controller to your Android (4.0 and up) phone or tablet and start playing some of the best mobile games without even having to set anything up. How does it work? I’ll show you:

  • First, you get yourself an OTG cable.
  • Then, you connect your Xbox controller (with the USB dongle part attached) to it.
  • Finally, you plug it in to your phone and let Android do its thing.

On some phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which I use in the video above, you’ll get some kind of notification. On other phones, you won’t. But as long as your phone has Android Ice Cream Sandwich and above, and your phone’s microUSB supports OTG cables, you should be good to go.

Note that not all games work out of the gate. For example, almost all of the Gameloft games I’ve played thus far don’t support external gamepads (like the Xbox 360 controller). There is a way around it if you have root access, but we won’t get into that here. What games do work? I can’t really tell you as there are way too many games out there, but the ones I’ve personally tested to work myself are GTA 3, Max Payne, Shine Runner, Dead Trigger, and much, much more.


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  1. I GOT EVERYTHING YOU TOLD ME. I plug in the otg cable and the xbox cable and on the top of my phone it says USB CONNECTOR CONNECTED but I cant use my remote for anything. It doesnt show the square around my app. Plz help if you can

    • I have the same problems on my Samsung Galaxy tab s, the remote flashes and I get the notification but it doesn’t actually do anything. In running android 4.4.2 if that helps

  2. I even have the exact same controller and otg cable, I plug everything in and nothing happens. I even got new Batteries for the controller. Any help? Samsung galaxy s5

  3. You guys need to understand that there are 2 types of xbox 360 controllers. One is WIRED, which doesn’t use batteries while the other type is wireless, which uses batteries.

    In the video above he uses a WIRED controller which doesn’t use batteries. This type of controller works instantly with many android devices. However as for the wireless contrller, which I’m guessing almost everyone has, you need an extra accessory which is the xbox 360 wireless receiver dongle

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