HTC One X (EVO 4G LTE) vs. HTC One S, Is One Faster?


The HTC One S is looked at as being the HTC One X’s little brother. But we’re about to stir up some sibling rivalry by pitting the two phones against one another to see if one is faster than the other. Obviously, with both phones having the same 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 1 GB of RAM running HTC Sense 4, you’d expect the two phones to perform the same.

However, there is one difference that can be a factor. Namely, the 720p HD screen on the One X compared to the qHD screen on the One S. Why does this matter? Because by having less pixels, there is less of a demand on the GPU on the HTC One S which should technically give it the edge. But, spec sheets can only tell you so much. Lets see how each device performs in the real world:

Note: The HTC One X in this video is Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE variant. The difference between the EVO 4G LTE variant and AT&T’s version of the HTC One X is the dedicated camera, expandable SD card slot, and kickstand. Other than that, the two phones are identical. The One S is T-Mobile’s variant.

Boot Up: In this test I turn both devices on at the same time to see which loads up first. Since both phones have HTC Sense 4, the fast boot option was enabled.

  • HTC One X: 11 seconds.
  • HTC One S: 12 seconds.

App Speed: I open up a few applications in this test to see which phone finishes loading them first.

  • Flixster – Winner: One S
  • ScoreCenter – Winner: One X
  • Google Earth – Winner: One X
  • Google Maps – Winner: One X

Browser Performance: In this test, I see which phone finishes loading and rendering web pages first.

  • main – Winner: One S
  • article – Winner: One S
  • mobile – Winner: One X
  • full – Winner: One S
  • article – Winner: One X

If I have to say one phone is faster than the other, I have to say that the HTC One X (EVO 4G LTE) is the faster one. This is because overall it loaded things up just a split second faster. While the HTC One S seemed to perform better on the browser tests, I ran a BrowserMark benchmark and the One X scored a 95K vs the One S’ 89K. So the winner is the One X here, but honestly the two are so close to one another in terms of speed that it doesn’t really make a difference which you choose.


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