How To Configure Joystick Center App (for Android)


I got really excited when I read that I could connect USB devices like the Xbox 360 controller to my Android 4.0 and up phone. But then, that excitement started to die down when I realized that some of my favorite games didn’t support the use of external gamepads. After a little searching, I found an app called USB/BT Joystick Center on Google Play. This app helps you get your controller working with those uncompatible games, but it can be a little tricky to setup. So, I decided to make a video showing you exactly how it is done using Modern Combat 3 as an example:

Note: While the USB/BT Joystick Center app itself doesn’t require root access, the plug-in you must use in order to be able to map a controller with non supported games does. 

  1. Download the USB/BT Joystick Center app from Google Play. It costs $4.79.
  2. Download the USB/BT Joystick2Touch app from the developer’s site.
  3. Connect the controller to your phone (or tablet). You can get an OTG cable from Amazon to do this.
  4. Open the USB/BT Joystick Center main app.
  5. Tap “search” if it didn’t automatically find your controller. Once it does, tap on your controller’s name.
  6. On the top bar, turn on the Joystick IME and J>T buttons by tapping on them.
  7. Program the “Touch Edit – M” button to a button you won’t use on the controller itself. Do this by tapping on the Touch Edit – M button and then pressing the button you want to program it to on your controller.
  8. Press the back button to close out the application.
  9. Open the game you want to map the controller for, get into gameplay, and then press the button on your controller you programmed for Touch Edit – M.
  10. Now you can begin programming each button for a specific action by pressing and holding the button you want to program on your controller, then pressing and holding on the button on the touchscreen. For example, hold the trigger button on your controller and then press and hold the shoot button on the game itself. Once you do this, a little silver icon should show up in that spot.
  11. Program all the buttons you want between the controller and the game.
  12. Press the same button on your controller that you programmed Touch Edit – M for to save your changes.

That’s pretty much it. I’d strongly recommend you go back into the Joystick Center main app and export your settings and name the file after the particular game because otherwise when you edit for another game it will overwrite your settings. Whenever you want your old settings back, you can just go back to the app and press the import button.


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  • Zak

    “Note: While the USB/BT Joystick Center app itself doesn’t require root access, the plug-in you must use in order to be able to map a controller with non supported games does. ”

    I didn’t get it … if the app doesn’t need root access .. it’s needed to do what exactly please ? :)

    • David Rahimi

      To use the USB/BT Joystick Center app, you don’t necessarily need root access. For example, you can map certain buttons on your controller with the app no problem without root. However, if you want to use the plugin (a separate app) you must have root access. This is because the plugin allows you to map areas on the touch screen to a controller, which is not possible without root.

      • Bakr

        how to root galaxy s3 JB 4.1.2

        • datduce

          google -.-

  • threepwood960

    Thanks, I got it thanks to your tuto with a Logitech RumblePad 2. But now the sticks doesn’t work (previous to USB/BT Joystick app they worked). Any idea?

    • David Rahimi

      You may have to re-map the joysticks through the Joy Center app.

  • Shiva

    Hey man, I am not able to Map the right analog stick of my xbox 360 controller. I have mapped all other keys to the game NOVA 3 except the right analog stick which controls the camera. Also the A button in my controller cannot be mapped.. It simply does not activate when I try to map it. Something is wrong here.. Can u help?


  • Shiva

    I am out… I selected device and just deleted all the settings.. The app re mapped all the keys..

  • Paulius

    In USB/BT joystick center i have done everything like in this tutorial but after 2:26 min in game i cant turn on ”edit-mode” :/ help with xbox wairles controller
    I use samsung galaxy s2 ICS 4.0.4
    Kernel XWLPT
    Baseband I9100XXLQ6
    what to do without downgrading android version ?

  • Rohan

    I am new at Android.So please don’t mind me asking can’t we use the app without rooting the phone.I am using Samsung galaxy note 2 on stock jelly bean 4.1

    • MattyRice

      yes, you can use it for emulators or apps that have controller support built in. If they are touch only games, you need joy2touch server, and joy2touch needs root.

  • asaad

    hi i have connected the xbox 360 with the usb to the usb controller on the note 2 n7100
    scanned and nothing there, no usb devices found? any help in that
    i turn the xbox controller it keeps blinking

    any help please

  • Deliriumm

    Hello. I just got an N7100 on rooted stock 4.1.2, a Nyko Playpad controller (no awful playground app installed) and these two apps. Now what? I paired and connected but my controller is not being detected. Anyone can help?

    Thanks everyone.

  • Jatinder Singh


    my Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android 4.1.2.

    I buttons (J>T) but this see “root-access failed! can not start joy2touch server!” how i open help please.

    • MattyRice

      you have to root your phone so that you can access joy2touch server. That is why it is saying root-access failed.

  • Asaad Saleh

    i have the galaxy note 2 4.1 and wireless xbox controler, i’ve bought both the usb connecter to the xbox, and the wireless xbox usb connecter (used to connect the xbox to pc)
    i can’t make it connect to my note 2 what i’m missing?
    any video to show how to connect a wireless xbox to the note 2

    my note 2 is not rooted.

    thank you

    • ryan

      You need a wired controller. The wireless controller does not send data over usb, even when plugged in it still sends data wirelessly…

    • MattyRice

      you have to get the xbox 360 wireless receiver for pc. you can sync the controller then. There are a few videos on youtube.

  • philip dutre

    i have a galaxy s3 its rooted any everything and i know how you guys said the app might not work for some phones with a higher version but for the most part ive heard it works on the gs3 i havent had any errors or anything the app just doesnt pick up my xbox controller at all is there anything im doing wrong maybe?

  • Guilherme Gonçalves de Barros

    I was angry after I discovered that needs root.

    • MattyRice

      You should read the description of the app before purchasing, or maybe do some research on the internet. What is there to be mad about? the app works without root, but root is necessary for touch emulation. Common sense tells you touch emulation isn’t going to be possible without access to the root of the device

  • Dan


    I was just watching your tutorial but the second link is dead

  • Ankit Ahuja

    HTC DESIRE X stock 4.1.1
    In main app my conroller is not getting dedected even after pressing search button..controller is working on PC

  • Ian

    Recently I bought a controller from gamestop for the tablet, but it wasn’t compatible for majority of my games. So I downloaded the USB/bt joystick center app hoping it would connect to my controller, but it did not. Do you know how I can fix that?Or should I just buy an Xbox controller?

  • PES/Pew Pew Addict

    I solved a problem yesterday so in case anyone else is having the same issue…

    I have had trouble with Galaxy S3 SuperNexus ROM running USB/BT Joystick Center v8 with Joy2Touch v5. The standard controls were fine, but the effect of touch mapping was rotated so the buttons looked as though they were in one place, but were mapped at different, rotated coordinates!

    I rolled back to USB/BT Joystick Center v7 with Joy2Touch v4 and everything is now working as beautifully as before. And don’t forget to map the Touch Edit button if it hasn’t been mapped by default. Otherwise you may well see the Touch Edit overlay, but not be able to add or edit the controls.

    I think some significant changes were made to versions 8 and 5 so if you are currently using the older apps may be worth waiting for the next version if you don’t need any specific new features.

  • Nanu

    Is root necessary for this to work?

    • MattyRice

      only if you want to have touch emulation… the USB/BT joystick center itself does not need root. the Joy2touch does

  • Rob

    i have a samsung galaxy note 2, wired xbox360 controller, otg cable and both apps but in the step 6 show me this error:

    Root-Access failed! Can not start Joy2Touch Server!

    also the app does not show the TOUCH Edit button like yours…
    Attached prints screens…

    Please help me…

    • MattyRice

      you have to root your device, if your device is rooted and you receive this message ensure the app has superuser rights. I personally use Supersu (its on the app market) it works better and grants joystick superuser rights.

  • Kamal

    cant get this key “Touch Edit – M”…plz help ASAP.

  • Tomas Pallo

    Does it work also in wireless mode? or only with cable? Because I have wireless Xbox 360 controller. before I will start I want to check this possibility with you. THX

  • Sujan Shrestha

    i have a rooted gs3 with supersu, cwm and everything
    and everything goes right in this process
    however when i click the J>T button, it says ”unrooted device or supersu bug”.
    i dont know how to use supersu and what to do to solve this problem.
    help me please…

  • Martin

    Hi. thanks. this was quite helpful. I play this helicopter simulator–CHAOS HD. I got my controls mapped to xbox360 controller. All’s well except the forward and back motion of the chopper are controlled by tilting the top of my Note 2 towards me and away from me. Left and right turns are done by tilting up either the right or left sides. Since this is a touch mapping app I dont expect it to accommodate this. Do you know of a product that might? Thanks.

  • Glenn Espejo

    hi, i cant download the app it says Unauthorized 08815 bl PH, and the googplay remove the app .. please upload it in other link thanks.

  • MasviL

    @75dc1d63fb015192be937d48a9e49f28:disqus USB/BT Joystick Center Google Play link is broken

  • mthrof8

    my son got the Joy2touch app to go with his galaxy tab 2 – it asks for password now each time you power back on – he doesn’t know it, what do we do?

  • Marko Perunovic

    Hello,i am using Genius MaxFire Blaze 2 controller(it is ps2 and pc controller).I can play Dead Trigger 2,on my HTC One X(Android 4.2.2),but when i try to configure it for other games,i don’t have Touch edit – M option(or S).I only have Touch edit.What to do?Do i need to buy new controller,or can i play with this one.Please help me.

    • gamerdudeZ

      Ey dude so genius maxfire can be connected to android phones?

  • Louie

    Hi. Great job on the tutorial. My question is can you connect to controllers to one device to play emulator games. Have a Android tv.