Zagg InvisibleSheild Screen Cover Scratch Test


I just bought the Zagg InvisibleShield screen cover for my Samsung Galaxy S3, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well with my case (it starts to peel at the edges when I put the case on). So I decided to do a scratch test considering that I was going to take it off anyways. I scratched the heck out of the screen with a pen, car keys, and some sharp scissors. See how the screen cover and the phone itself fared below:

As you could see from the test above, the screen cover was left with some indents from all the scratches I made. But when I took it off, the screen itself underneath looked exactly how it did when I first put the Zagg InvisibleShield on: perfect. So, I definitely recommend the screen cover if you want something that will seriously protect your phone’s screen. Oh, and if you do buy one, here’s a how to guide to putting it on without any air bubbles.


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