How To Put On A Screen Cover Without The Bubbles


Picture this: you get yourself a brand new smartphone with a beautiful screen. And in an effort to protect that screen, you get a screen cover to prevent it from getting any scratches. But there is one problem. After you put the screen cover on, you realize that there are a bunch of air bubbles that drive you absolutely crazy.

So what do you do? You end up taking the screen cover off and throwing it away. And then a few weeks later, you get a scratch on your screen which makes you feel worse than the air bubbles did. So not only have you hurt your pocketbook by wasting your money on the screen cover, you’ve also hurt the overall quality of your screen.

This is something that happens to people all the time. But thankfully, it won’t happen to you. Why? Because you’re going to follow the step by step instructions I give you below so you can apply your screen cover the right way, without getting any air bubbles underneath it:

Note: You’ll want to sit down in a dust free environment, with a microfiber cleaning cloth and squeegee (any plastic card will do the trick) on hand before following these steps.

  1. Clean your phone’s screen so that there are no fingerprints or dust on it whatsoever.
  2. Set it down gently (to avoid dust from flying up onto the screen).
  3. Peel off the step 1 part of your screen cover, and put only just the bottom of the screen cover on the screen making sure it is perfectly aligned with the sensors, camera, and the screen itself.
  4. Slowly put the rest of the screen cover onto the screen, bit by bit working your way up, squeegeeing any air bubbles you see as you go.
  5. You’ll want to do this as quickly but accurately as possible because the longer you take, the more likely you’ll end up getting dust underneath the screen (which causes air bubbles).
  6. Squeegee out any air bubbles that remain, and then remove the step 2 part of the screen cover while making sure that the actual cover itself doesn’t come off the screen.

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David Rahimi is the editor-in-chief at Ever since he got his first smartphone, he has been obsessed with mobile technology and all that it has to offer. Other interests include business, investing, and neuroscience.

  • John

    Which screen cover brand did you use in the “How To Put On A Screen Cover Without The Bubbles” video? Thanks

    • David Rahimi

      I used the CrazyOnDigital screen protector. The branding on the packaging itself was “Ionic” and I bought it off Amazon.

  • Carlos M.

    Hello David Rahimi. I recently bought a pack of 3 matte screen protectors for my Galaxy S3 on eBay but turns out that the screen protectors cover the sensors right beside the front-facing camera and now I’m afraid to put them because in the video you said that covering the sensors would make the screen not turn off when you’re in a call and make a whole bunch of stuff work badly. What should I do?