How I Protect My Samsung Galaxy S3


As I do with all the phones I use as my daily drivers, in this article I’m going to be talking about how I protect my Samsung Galaxy S3 from drops and scratches:

The first thing I did when I got my Galaxy S3 was buy a Zagg InvisibileSheild screen protector and a Diztronic matte black case. This one two punch has been my preferred way to protect my phones in the past (like I did on my Galaxy Nexus). Unfortunately, with the SGS3 this combination doesn’t work. When I put the case on the phone, the screen cover starts to lift (or bubble) at the edges. Obviously, this is something that annoys me.

So I decided that I had to get rid of either the case or the screen cover. And given the fact that the SGS3 has a Gorilla Glass screen, it was a pretty easy decision to ditch the screen protector and stick with the case. After all, the case is what will protect the Galaxy S3 from being destroyed if it were to drop down a staircase. Anyways, just thought I’d make this quick article so that any of you considering getting the Zagg InvisibleShield with a case wouldn’t have to go through the same process.


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