HTC One X vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Speed Comparison


When it comes to deciding on which phone is better between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X, there are a whole bunch of things you have to take into consideration. Do you like the design of the One X more than the SGS3? Do you like the AMOLED screen more than the LCD2 found on the One X? Or, do you prefer TouchWiz over the Sense UI?

The problem is that most of these things come down to personal opinion. But when it comes to deciding on which phone is faster, opinions are thrown out the window. Why? Because they’re irrelevant. With speed tests like this one, you’re left with just the facts. Speaking of which, can be found below:

Boot up test: This test involves turning both phones on to see which one loads up the Android OS fastest. Note that the HTC One X had fast boot disabled when we ran this test.

  • SGS3: 28 seconds.
  • HOX: 45 seconds.

Application load test: In this test, I open applications up on each phone at the same time to see which finishes loading faster. This gives you a better idea of the app experience you’ll get with each phone.

  • Calculator – Winner: HOX
  • Camera – Winner: HOX
  • Earth – Winner: SGS3
  • Dictionary – Winner: SGS3
  • Flixster – Winner: SGS3
  • Maps – Winner: Tie

Browser speed comparison: I load up a couple of websites and web pages to see which phone’s browser is the faster out of the two. All tests are done running on the same Wi-Fi network with history wiped.

  • main – Winner: SGS3
  • article – Winner:  HOX
  • mobile – Winner: SGS3
  • full – Winner: SGS3

So, which phone is faster?

Despite both phones having the same 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 edged out the HTC One X in most of the tests we ran. Perhaps this had to do with the extra gigabyte of RAM (for a total of 2 GB) or Samsung’s optimizations with its TouchWiz UI. In either case, the SGS3 is your winner (when it comes to speed, at least).


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