Google Chrome vs. Safari On The iPhone 4S


Google recently released its popular Chrome browser for iOS which is now available free from the App Store. On Android, the Chrome browser is currently the king of web browsers, evidenced by the fact that it came out on top in our browser comparison test. Will it do the same on the iPhone 4S and iPad? That’s what we’ll find out below:

The test we did was pretty straight forward. Load up some websites and see which browser finished loading the web page first. To do the test, we had Chrome running on one iPhone 4S and Safari running on another with both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Here the results we got:

  • Loading the main page – Winner: Chrome
  • Loading an article on – Winner: Chrome
  • Loading the mobile – Winner: Chrome
  • Loading the full – Winner: Chrome
  • Loading the mobile – Winner: Chrome
As you can see, the Google Chrome browser outperformed Safari in all of our tests. Take note that this is only in reference to the speed, and not necessarily the stability, user experience, features or anything like that. But with that said, if you’re looking for the fastest browser on the iPhone (or iOS in genreal), look no further than Chrome.

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