Galaxy Note Support Documents Show Up On T-Mobile Website


There’s been a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note heading to T-Mobile over the last couple of months. And at this point, we’re almost positive that it’s just a matter of time before the carrier makes the official announcement. How are we so sure? Well, for one all the rumors and leaked blurry cam pictures made us feel pretty confident. But now, with the screen shot above showing support documents for the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile’s own website, it’s hard to doubt that the phone won’t land on the magenta carrier. Now, the only question is when will it be released and how much will it cost?

Via: TmoNews
Source: T-Mobile


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    I went to the T-mobile website to look this up but did not see (the above information) what you are seeing or have posted. I saw the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S Blaze, etc. but not the Galaxy Note. Where does it say this on their website?

    • David Rahimi

      I believe only people with special account privileges (i.e moderators) were able to see the support documents.