AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 Review


When you consider Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia, and their $100M advertising campaign, its pretty obvious that the Nokia Lumia 900 is the flagship of the Windows Phone OS. So being the flagship and all, how well does Nokia’s latest phone stack up against the competition? Find out in the review below:

Why the Nokia Lumia 900 is “the” Windows Phone to buy:

Design: As soon as you pick the Lumia 900 up, you can tell that this phone is on a different level compared to most of the Windows Phones out there. I can’t really put my finger on why I love the design of the Lumia 900. Maybe its the squared corners. Or the sleek back. I don’t know. But I know that I love how unique it is. There is no other phone out there that looks quite like the Lumia 900. And with all the seemingly converted Android-to-Windows Phones out there, to me that’s a really good thing.

Speed: I’ve talked about how Windows Phone is a fast OS in the past. I mean, what other OS can have a single core processor running at 1 GHz that can outperform (in certain speed tests) a dual-core of the same frequency? Combine that sheer OS efficiency with the 1.4 GHz Snapdragon S2 processor in the Lumia 900, and you’re blazing through the Windows Phone OS without any signs of lag.

Nokia Exclusive Apps: Every Windows Phone I’ve used, regardless of whether it was manufactured by Nokia, HTC, or Samsung, has had some exclusive apps on it. But the ones on the Lumia 900 stand out to me. Why? One, they have an exclusive version of the ESPN ScoreCenter app. Being the sports fan that I am, I just can’t imagine not having a live tile updating me with all the latest scores.

But not everyone is a sports fan. However, most people drive, or at least ride passenger in a car. Therefore, I think the exclusive Nokia Drive application is a pretty big selling point. With Nokia Drive, not only do you get full turn by turn navigation (which isn’t available for free on Windows Phone), but you have the option to store maps to your phone so that way you never get lost even if you lose reception.

But, as with any phone, the Lumia 900 isn’t perfect:

Internal Battery: The battery on the Lumia 900 is internal. Meaning, you can’t just swap it out whenever it gets low on juice.  Personally, I like having the ability to switch out the battery on my phones because I hate having to worry about charging my phone all the time. I usually buy 1 or 2 spare batteries and keep them on me (or in my car) and swap when necessary. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with the Lumia 900.

Thickness: With the internal battery, you’d expect the phone to be pretty thin. Nope. The Lumia 900 measures in at just under 12 mm. With phones nowadays measuring in at 8mm or less, 12mm just isn’t cutting it. Thankfully, Nokia was clever with its design when they made the edges of the phone rounded. This gives the illusion that the phone is thinner than it actually is and also makes it comfortable to hold in the hand.

Overall, I’d go with the Lumia 900:

The beautiful design, the zippy performance, the vivid 4.3 in Clear Black AMOLED display, and the exclusive Nokia apps all add up to make the Lumia 900 my favorite Windows Phone. While some of the other WP7 devices out there offer bigger screens and (arguably) better cameras, I just like the combination Nokia put into this device. The bottom line is: if you already love Windows Phone, you’re going to love the Nokia Lumia 900.


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