How To Get Rid Of The Data Usage Warning On Android


Does your phone have a “data usage warning” in the notification bar that you just can’t seem to get rid of? No problem. In this quick how-to, I show you how to get rid of it (for good) in just a few simple steps:

  1. Go to your phone’s main settings.
  2. Tap on “data usage.”
  3. Increase the warning threshold (the orange bar) to above the amount of data you’ve already used.

The reason why the alert is in your notification bar is because you actually set it up to do just that. You may have forgotten that you originally set this data limit warning, or you may have not known how it would always show up in the notification bar regardless of what you do. Either way, the solution above should help you out.


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David Rahimi is the editor-in-chief at Ever since he got his first smartphone, he has been obsessed with mobile technology and all that it has to offer. Other interests include business, investing, and neuroscience.

  • Nathan hard

    Thank you thank you thank you! Ugh so relieved now. I hate a messy task bar!

  • Madisen

    OMG! Thank you soooo much!! It has been on there for weeks, and i could not figure out how to fix it, so I started deleting apps, which didn’t help, then finally googled how to fix it. Thank you!!!!

  • terrance

    Thanks! I really hate notifications it’s just messy

  • Marzuki

    Thanks to David Rahimi..

  • Sonny

    I have an unlimited plan. Why would this be set in the first place?

    Please tell ne how to delete history on google search.

    Thanks for taking the time.

  • Kevin Cartman

    How do i disable these displays forever? If it cannot be done then I will have to get rid of Android forever

  • Westo15

    This helped me a lot :)

  • Lydia

    I have watched your video on how to remove the data usage warning message and I have followed all the steps but the message is still there.

  • kat98

    thanks :) tis really helps me ^^