How I Protect My Samsung Galaxy Nexus


As many of you who follow this blog know, I have an unlocked HSPA Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I use as my primary phone. So, being in love with the phone the way that I am, I do my best to keep it in mint condition. In this article, I’ll go over how I do just that:

The first thing that I do whenever I buy a phone (even before I buy it sometimes) is buy a case for it. I usually like to get TPU Gel type cases because they seem much more durable than hard plastic cases and don’t get stuck in your pocket like regular silicone cases. For my Galaxy Nexus, I bought the Diztronic Matte Black TPU case from Amazon.

I got it for about $10 plus shipping. I’ve had it for about 5 months now and I have to say it’s a great case. I take my case off often (to clean the lint that gets stuck in between) and the case as shown no signs of loosening up in anyway. The case wraps around the phone and has a cut out for all the essentials like the charging port, camera, microphone, power button etc.

The case also is slightly raised at the front so when you put the phone face down (or drop it face down) the screen doesn’t ever touch the surface (so long as the surface is flat). If you drop it on a corner or something pointy, then you’re out of luck. That’s why I bought the Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector in addition to the Diztronic case.

The Zagg screen cover had to be wet applied (with the water squeegeed out). Before I bought it I was a bit concerned about it, but now I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the dry apply screen protectors. Why? Because I was able to get virtually all the air bubbles out with the squeegee in about five minutes. But that’s not all. The screen protector itself is great. You can get a set of keys and scratch away at the screen and nothing happens. Got to love it.

If any of you guys who are reading this have a Galaxy Nexus (HSPA or LTE), I definitely recommend getting these two. I love the matte black look (which goes with the phone) on the Diztronic case and the Zagg screen cover protects my display without taking away from its beauty. And for just under $25 for the both of them, I’d say it’s a great deal too (as long as you buy from Amazon and not in-store).


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