The iPhone 5 Will Have At Least A 4 Inch Screen?


According to people “familiar with the matter,” Apple’s next iPhone (expected to be called the iPhone 5) will feature a larger screen compared to the traditional 3.5 inch screen size the company has used since the iPhone first launched back in 2007. The sources that spoke with the Wall Street Journal said that Apple has been ordering screens that are “at least 4 inches diagonally” from Asian screen manufacturers and that production of the next iPhone would begin next month.

While I can’t say whether or not this is factual, I certainly hope that it is. To me, one of the biggest drawbacks on the iPhone 5 is the 3.5 inch screen that comes with it. Yeah, I know the resolution on the screen makes it so the iPhone has a higher PPI display than most other smartphones. However, with my current phone being 4.65 inches in size and the Samsung Galaxy S3 featuring a massive 4.8 inch HD screen, I think it’s time for Apple to up the ante. At least to 4 inches.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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