Google To Have Multiple Manufacturers Making Nexus Branded Phones?


According to sources who spoke with the Wall Street Journal, Google plans to change the way it goes about launching the newest version of Android (this time around being dubbed Jelly Bean 5.0). Instead of working with one manufacturer, like it has with Samsung for the last two years and HTC the year before that, Google plans on working with multiple manufacturers so they can all get familiar with the new OS  before it launches.

This will not only help the newest version of the OS get into the hands of consumers faster (ICS took 5 months before it landed on new devices here in the States), it will also bury the concerns about Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility that many thought would lead to Motorola to having unfair advantage over other device manufacturers.

According to the report, Google plans on selling these Nexus branded devices through Google Play like it does the Galaxy Nexus, which will allow them to have more control over the apps installed on phones (like Google Wallet). The biggest beneficiary out of this change is us consumers. We’ll get our devices (possibly) updated faster to the next version of Android, and we’ll have more Nexus branded devices to pick and choose from.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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